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Michael & Flo

COVID-19 Update

To our beloved family and friends,

The pandemic has left us no choice regarding the number of attendance in our upcoming Holy Matrimony. The Holy Matrimony will be held on September 25th, at 10 am in Jakarta Cathedral. As responsible citizens who follow strict health protocols to flatten down the COVID-19 curve, we are deeply sorry to announce the 30-people limit of attendants in the Cathedral, with the majority of our family members. It is so unfortunate that we cannot celebrate this sacred moment together, but we truly are thankful for each of your continuous support and understanding. As an alternative, we would love to virtually invite you to our Holy Matrimony's live streaming below. Your virtual presence will be the greatest gift of all.

Our wedding reception will take place in Ayana Resort & Spa, Bali, somewhen in 2021 while still abiding the rule of social distancing for the sake of everyone’s safety. The details and advanced notice will be given soon and we are excited to have you guys celebrating our magical day together. Once again, we will be delighted to have the pleasure of your company at our wedding party. Stay healthy, and we will see you soon.

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25 Sep 2020

The bride

Florencia Irena Chandro is the firstborn of Mr. Johny Chandro and Mrs. Hety Wongso. Having a little sister, Flo has always been a great listener. Flo then went to Singapore to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. That is when Flo finally met Ivan from a mutual friend and fell in love with Ivan. Little did Flo know that 6 years after her first meeting with Ivan, they will be exchanging vows before God.

The Groom

Michael Ivan Rusli was born in Jakarta in January 1995. He is the only son of Mr. Widjaja Rusli and Mrs. Eliwaty Tjitra. Ivan graduated from law school in 2017 and continued his Master's Degree in Notary Studies to follow his mother’s footsteps. Ivan once told Flo about their future after his graduation. Exactly a week after graduating, Ivan fulfilled his promise with a proposal to the love of his life.

Our love story

How We Met

Singapore, December 2014. A memorable place and time for both of us, where our paths crossed in each other's life for the first time. Beginning simply from mutual friends, as friends, they fell madly in love and decided to tie the knot 6 years later.

First date

When Ivan realized that the vibration was real, he decided that a casual burger date with Flo in Fatboy's Burger would be a lovely first date. This particular supper later became an unforgettable supper with butterflies in their stomach. As they happily talked about one another's interests, they carried on to the second date, third date, and all dates up until today.


On a beautiful day during Ivan & Flo's Bali Trip, precisely on September 7th 2019, Ivan was 100% certain to launch a proposal. Little did Flo know, she was going to be someone's one and only life companion. Under the midnight stars with one knee on the ground, both the ring and question were popped and it was a "yes"!

Wedding events

Holy Matrimony

  • Jakarta Cathedral
  • Sep 25, 2020 (10:00 WIB)

The Holy Matrimony will be held on September 25th 2020, from 10 am until finished. It will take place in Jakarta Cathedral with 30-people maximum capacity due to COVID-19 situation.

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The Reception

  • Ayana Resort & Spa, Bali
  • To Be Announced

The upcoming wedding reception will be held in 2021. The wedding reception will be located in in Ayana Resort & Spa, Bali. Details are soon to be announced.

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“ Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate. ”

Mark 10:9


Widjaja Rusli, S.E.

Father of Groom

Eliwaty Tjitra, S.H.

Mother of Groom

Ir. Johny Chandro

Father of Bride

Hety Wongso, S.E.

Mother of Bride

Live Streaming

You are invited to witness Ivan & Flo’s special day as they tie the knot before God. Your virtual presence is greatly appreciated. Live streaming in Zoom is recommended as there will be a virtual photo session by the end of the Holy Matrimony with the Bride and the Groom.

The Holy Matrimony of Michael & Flo

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